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County Commissioners

  1. Agenda Item Request

    This form must be completed and all supporting documentation attached, for items to be included in the Warren County Board of... More…

  2. Statement of Interest to Serve

    If you are a Warren County resident and would like to volunteer your time, talent and expertise to your community, complete form and... More…

  1. Auction - Vehicle Inspection Form

    Detailed description of vehicle being auctioned by Warren County government. NOTE: The vehicle remains property of department until... More…

Insurance Forms

  1. Drivers Report of Accident

    Reporting automobile accidents; contact Warren County administration at (252) 257-3115 if assistance is needed.

  2. Theft - Equipment Damage Report

    Report theft or damage to Warren County owned machinery/equipment.

  1. Supervisor's Accident Investigation

    To be completed by the Warren County governmental employee's supervisor or another responsible county administrative official.


  1. Meeting Room Sign Up Form

    To register for the meeting room, please fill this form out and we will call you confirming if the room is available on that day or... More…

Planning/Zoning and Code Enforcement

  1. Application for E-911 Address

    Application to apply for an emergency/mailing address for Warren County.

Public Works/Fleet

  1. Public Works Recycling Work Order

    Please complete Recycling Work Order when requesting recyclable items to be picked up.

  1. Vehicle Use Request Form

    PLEASE COMPLETE ONE (1) FORM FOR EACH REQUEST IN ITS ENTIRETY. This form is to be completed when requesting a Floater Vehicle from... More…