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Posted on: January 24, 2022

Warren County Launches Comprehensive Development Plan Process

Warren County is kicking off its comprehensive development plan updates, a ten-month process that will result in updates to the 2002 plan, which was meant to run through 2022. Warren County has launched a website——for the public to follow along in the process, receive updates, and participate in surveys and community meetings. 


Stewart—an engineering, planning, and design firm with offices in Raleigh, Durham, and Charlotte—was selected to work with Warren County. 


A Comprehensive Development Plan or Land Use Plan (LUP) is a tool used for guiding the growth, redevelopment, and overall improvement of the county for next ten (10) to twenty (20) years. The plan will serve as the official statement by Warren County of its vision, intentions, goals, objectives, and strategies for future land use development. The Plan is a community-driven effort, one where Warren County staff, the Warren County Planning Board, and a consultant team led by the Stewart planning group will work together to create.

The Comprehensive Development Plan will update the 2002 Land Development Plan and address new issues and priorities that have come forward in the years since then. The Plan may address several topics as determined by the community but generally a Land Use Plan addresses land use, housing, infrastructure, transportation, economic development, agriculture, recreation, and natural resources. This is a guiding document upon which land use decisions are based.

A land use establishes a vision, goals, and priorities through many conversations and community engagement, which are then used to guide future growth and development.


Extensive public participation is a key component of the project. The thoughts, ideas, and participation of residents and business owners are vital for the success of this effort. Over the course of the project, the county will host several public meetings where input and feedback will be collected on the Plan as it is developed.


To follow along with the comprehensive plan process, visit For more information, contact the Warren County planning and zoning administrator, Cynthia Jones, at