Health Department

**COVID-19 Operations Update: Effective March 23rd, the Warren County Health Department will see visitors by appointment only (Health and Environmental Health). Customers will be asked screening questions prior to coming in for appointments. To make a medical appointment, please call (252) 257-1185. If you need a WIC appointment, please call (252) 257-2116. Environmental Health customers should call (252) 257-1538. Visitors will only be allowed to bring one additional person with them to appointments. The Warren County Health Department is canceling two community events that were scheduled during public health week. They are: Annual Health Fair (April 7th, Armory) and the Child Health Celebration (April 8th, Health Department).

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Margaret F. Brake, DHA, MHA

Health Director

Warren County Health Department

544 West Ridgeway Street

Warrenton, NC 27589

Tel: (252) 257-6000

Fax: (252) 257-2897