Animal Control Services and Ordinance


The mission of the Warren County Animal Control Department is to  protect and promote the health, safety and welfare of human and animal communities through law enforcement, education and animal facilitation.


Warren County Animal Control and Animal Ark provide a variety of services to promote responsible pet ownership, protect the public from dangerous or diseased animals and to treat citizens and animal with compassion and fairness. The Animal Ark is open Monday through Friday 11-4 and offers 1 year rabies vaccinations, microchips and vouchers for citizens who qualify for government assistance. This also where animals can be adopted, reclaimed by owners or surrendered. 

Animal Nuisance

  • An animal that is at large
  • An animal that causes damage or soils the real or personal property of another
  • Failure to confine a female dog or cat while in estrus.
  • An animal that chases, snaps at, or otherwise molests persons or other animals.
  • An animal allowed to loiter on public or private places.
  • An animal that is diseased or unsafe to the health of the public unless under the care of a licensed veterinarian or a person as designed by the Health Director.

Complaint Report


Warren County Animal Control Ordinance 2018