Citizens Advisory Council

Regular Meetings

Meets once a quarter at 6:00 pm.

Location: Warren County Manager’s Conference Room (602 W. Ridgeway St., Warrenton, NC)

2020 Meeting Schedule

January 16, 2020
April 9, 2020
July 16, 2020
October 15, 2020


The authority for this council is a local authority.


Members are appointed.

MembersPosition / District
Dianna Talley                    Expires Dec 2022District III - Hunt
VacantDistrict IV - Baker
Mary K. Goode                 Expires Dec 2020District I - Pierce
Ron Skow                         Expires Dec 2022District II - Davis
Kathy D. Harris                 Expired Dec 2020District V - Powell
Mary H. Stinnett               Expires Dec 2022District III - Hunt
Jennie J. Franklin             Expires Dec 2020District I - Pierce
William M. Hairston          Expires Dec 2022District II - Davis
VacantDistrict V - Powell
William A. Kearney          Expires Dec 2022District IV - Baker


The Citizens Advisory Council is a county resident advisory board representing the citizens of Warren County with each Commissioners district. The council works to provide a citizen’s perspective on issues and concerns in each district.