Adult Services

Adults With Unique Needs, Disabilities & The Elderly

The Warren County Department of Social Services Adult Services Unit provides oversight of social services programs provided by the department of social services to older and disabled adults and their families across the state. Some of the services we offer such as Adult Protective Services, Adult Placement Services, Guardianship Services (when ordered by the court), and Health Support Services must be provided by all 100 county departments of social services. Others, such as At-Risk Case Management Services are provided based on county need and available resources.


County DSS offices provide many services for older and/or disabled adults who may need assistance with care. These services include:

  • Adult Care Home Case Management Services
  • Adult Day Care/Health Services
  • Adult Placement Services
  • Adult Protective Services to protect disabled adults from abuse, neglect, and exploitation, In-Home Services serving elderly/disabled adults who wish to remain in their own homes
  • At-Risk Case Management Services
  • Guardianship Services for adults who have been determined incompetent by the court to manage their own affairs

Adult Placement Services Adult Placement Services help aging or disabled adults find appropriate living and healthcare arrangements when their health, safety, and well-being can no longer be maintained at home.

Placement Arrangements

Placement arrangements are made in:

  • Adult Care Homes
  • Institutions
  • Nursing Homes
  • Other Substitute Homes
  • Residential Health Care Settings

Adults and their families receive help to complete medical evaluations and financial applications, and locate and move to new settings. They also may receive counseling to help them adjust to the change.

For more information, please view the Adult Services section of the State website.

Adult Care Situations

Adult placement services also help elderly and disabled adults in the following situations:

  • Those unable to maintain themselves in their own homes independently or with available community or family supports
  • Those living in substitute homes, residential health care facilities, or institutions and need assistance in relocating due to changes in level of care needed
  • Those who need assistance in returning to more independent living arrangements
  • Those who need assistance in adjusting to or maintaining their At-Risk Case Management Services At-Risk Case Management Services assist adults and children who are at-risk or show evidence of abuse, neglect, or exploitation in gaining access to needed medical, social, educational, and other services. At-Risk Case Management Services include:
  • Assessing and reassessing the service needs of clients
  • Developing a service plan to meet the service needs of clients
  • Assisting clients in locating and contacting providers and programs for needed services
  • Coordinating delivery of services when multiple providers or programs are involved in care provision
  • Monitoring services to ensure that they are received, adequate to meet the client's needs, and consistent with quality care

A client must be a Medicaid recipient who is at-risk or shows evidence of abuse, neglect, or exploitation as defined in program policy. Criteria include impaired adults with insufficient caregiver availability; children of impaired or adolescent parents; children who have a severe medical or mental condition; and adults or children who are being abused, neglected, or exploited where a need for protection has been substantiated.

Community Alternatives Program

North Carolina operates four programs to provide home and community care as a cost-effective alternative to institutionalization. These are known as "waiver" programs because standard program requirements are waived to allow the program to operate. The waiver programs provide some services that otherwise are not covered under Medicaid. Some of the services we offer include: If you have a concern that an elderly or disabled adult is being exploited, abused or neglected, call Warren County Department of Social Services at 252-257-5000.