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OnLine Forms and Downloads

Agricultural Extension Office
Buck Spring Reserved Use Agreement
Animal Control
Animal Control Ordinance
Report an Animal Problem
Auction Notices
9-2017 Convey Property to LakeLand Theatre
9-2017 Surplus Auction Ad
Board of Elections
North Carolina Voter Registration Application Update Form
Removal of Political Signs & Posters After Elections
Voter Records Request Form
Warren County Voting Precincts
Buck Springs
Application for Participation in Voluntary Agricultural District Program
Buck Spring Reserved Use Agreement
County Commissioners
2012 Budget Ordinance
2013 Budget Ordinance
2014 Budget Ordinance
2015 Budget Ordinance
2016 Budget Ordinance
2017 Budget Ordinance
2018 Budget Ordinance
3-7-16 Amendment to Waste Industries Contract
3-7-16 County Manager Contracts Approved
5-24-17 Special Meeting - Personnel
Ad - Boards & Commissions Dec. 2016
Agenda Item Request Form
Armory Civic Center Rental Application 5-17
Board-Committee Vacancy Ad March 2017
Buck Spring Construction Contract 10-3-16 Agenda
Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) 2009-13
Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) 2012-2016
Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) 2015-2019
Capital Improvement Plan 2018-22 DRAFT
Code of Ethics
Community Events October-December 2017
County Economic Outlook (2010)
DOT Petition for Road Abandonment
DOT Petition for Road Addition
Feb 20 & 21 BOC Joint Meetings
Fleet Management Policy
Franklin Vance Warren FY 17-18 App Part 1
Franklin Vance Warren FY 17-18 App Part 2
Franklin Vance Warren FY 17-18 App Part 3
Gang Assessment Summary 2010
Holiday 2017
Holiday 2018
Kerr Area Survey
May 25th work session - Employee Manual DRAFT
PiggyBack Notice Nov. 2015
Policy Statement for Board/Commission/Committee Appointments
Records Request Form
Road Name Change Petition
Salary Schedule Tables 7-2016
Solar Farm Public Hearings - 2
Statement of Interest to Serve Warren County
Tourism Strategy
Travel Policy 2017
Vehicle Req for Bids
Volunteer Policy
Courthouse Use Policy & Application
Documentation for Board Meetings
1 - Conflict of Interest Disclosure
2 - Rules of Citizen Comment
2-15-17 All Star Travel Policy
2-15-17 Electric Car Charging Station
2-15-17 Employee of the Quarter Recognition
2-15-17 PARTF Grant Application
2-15-17 Public Works Annual Report
2-15-17 Revised Suggested Agenda Format
2-15-17 Senior Center Board Realignment
3-6-17 ABC Travel Policy Request
3-6-17 Aging Advisory Board Membership
3-6-17 Airport Rd Water Main Amendment
3-6-17 Amendment 1 Water Dist III Capital Project Ordinance
3-6-17 Amendment 8 Warren County Budget Ordinance
3-6-17 Appointments to Fire Commission
3-6-17 Bid Foreclosed Property Stevenson
3-6-17 Bid Foreclosed Property Wortham
3-6-17 Change Order 1 Airport Road Water Main
3-6-17 Emergency Services Headquarters Project Design Development Documents
3-6-17 Fire Commission Appointments
3-6-17 Inez VFD Tax Board Appointments
3-6-17 Interest Income Report
3-6-17 Proclamation Ella Baker Day April 15th
3-6-17 Report of Unpaid 2016 Taxes & Order to Advertise
3-6-17 Resolution Conveying to Bluebird Project
3-6-17 Surplus Property Resolution
3-6-17 Tax Collectors Report
3-6-17 Tax Release Requests
Addressing & Road Naming Ordinance
Application for E911 Address
Emergency Management Initiates CodeRED System
Road Sign Installation / Replacement Form
Economic Development
EDC Report 2016-17
Tourism Strategy
Emergency Management
Fire Code Violation Citation
Fire Marshal Fee Schedule
Environmental Health Services
Application for Improvement Authorization to Construct 3-2014
Application for Well Construction Permit 3-2014
Environmental Health Fees (9-2012)
Environmental Health Septic Tank Contractors 9-2012
Septic Permit Request Form March 2013
Well Abandonment Brochure
Well Contractors 9-2012
2008 Audit Presentation
2008 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2009 Audit Presentation
2011 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2012 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2013 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2014 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2015 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
2016 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report
Budget Ordinance 2009-2010
Budget Ordinance 2010-2011
Budget Ordinance 2011-2012
Budget Ordinance 2012-2013
Budget Ordinance 2013-2014
Budget Ordinance 2014-2015
Budget Ordinance 2015-2016
Budget Ordinance 2016-2017
Budget Ordinance 2017-2018
GoldenLeaf Community Assistance
5-15-2008 GoldenLeaf Community Forum
5-27-2008 GoldenLeaf Community Forum
6-9-2008 GoldenLeaf Community Forum
Health Department Services
2004 Warren County State of the County Report
2005 Warren County State of the County Report
2006 Warren County State of the County Report
2007 Warren County State of the County Report
2008 Warren County State of the County Report
2009 Warren County State of the County Report
2010 Warren County State of the County Report
2011 Warren County State of the County Report
2012 Warren County State of the County Report
2013 Warren County State of the County Report
Healthy Start (WIC)
Help Yourself to Good Health
Home Health Agency
Warren County Healthy Carolinians
Well Regulations
Human Resources
Finance Office Salary Study
North Carolina Application for Employment
North Carolina Application for Employment - Continuation Form
Retiree Health Benefits Policy
Warren County Application for Employment
Contractor Owner Agreement
Master Street Naming Guide
Warren County Township Map
Warren County Voting Precinct Map
Memorial Library
Business Resources
By-Laws (Amended 11-2007)
Library Meeting Room Use Policy & Application
Museum on Main Street - Smithsonian Traveling Museum
Resolution Creating Library Board of Trustees
Notices to the Public
1-3-2017 Meeting Rescheduled to 1-9-2017
1-5-2015 NOTICE- Rezoning Public Hearing
1-5-2015 Special Work Session
1-9-2017 Rezoning Public Hearing
10-14-15 No Wake Public Hearing
10-3-16 Public Hearing - Bella Russell Rd Improvements
11-2015 PiggyBack Notice
11-2015 SALE of Surplus Service Weapons
11-2016 Harris Turner Property - Upset Bid
11-21-2016 Revaluation Public Hearing
12-2016 Ad for Boards & Commissions
2-1-16 Solar Farm Ordinance Public Hearing
2-1-16 Zoning Ord Public Hearing - Solar Farms
2-2015 Board & Commissions
2-2017 BOC Joint Meetings
2015-16 Vehicle Req for Bids
3-18-2015 Work Session Rescheduled from 2-18-2015
3-2015 Conveyance of Property
3-2015 Fair Housing Complaint Procedure
3-2016 Board Vacancies
3-2017 Convey Property to Eastern Bluebird Rescue Group
3-31-2015 Interbasin Transfer Public Hearing
4-2016 Surplus Property Auction
4-22-15 Public Hearing - Ord Regulating Criminal Checks
5-11-2017 Budget Work Session Location Change
5-2-16 Public Hearing - Solar Farms 5:15pm
5-2-16 Public Hearing - Solar Farms 5:30pm
5-2015 Convey truck to Soul City VFD
5-24-16 Meetings
5-24-17 Special Meeting - Personnel
5-24-2017 Budget Work Session Location Change
5-25-2016 Special Work Session NOTICE
6-1-2015 Public Utilities Water District Refinance PUBLIC HEARING
6-17-2015 NOTICE - Budget Public Hearing
6-18-2014 NOTICE - Budget Public Hearing
6-18-2014 NOTICE - Home & Community Care Block Grant Public Hearing
6-26-2017 Special Meeting
6-27-2013 Budget Special Meeting
7-10-17 EM Facility Financing Public Hearing
7-2016 Board Vacancies
7-6-15 Ephraimn Place CDBG (Re-opening)
7-9-15 NOTICE - Special Meeting
8-17-16 Public Hearing - Buck Spring Financing
8-17-16 Special Meeting - Buck Spring Financing
8-18-16 Joint Meeting - Board of Education
9-14-15 Notice of Rezoning Public Hearing
9-2015 Rabies Notice
9-2015 Sale of Co Property
9-2015 Vehicle Req for Bid - Ad
9-25-17 Special Meeting notice
Ad - Boards & Commissions Dec. 2016
Board-Commission Vacancies July 2017
Buck Springs Request for Qualifications-Phase I
County Manager Position (full ad)
County Manager Position (short ad)
DSS Board Member Opening 3-2015
FY 2017 Budget Public Hearing
FY 2018 Budget Public Hearing Notice
Holiday Schedule 2016
May 11th & 24th Budget Work Session Location Change
May 24, 2016 Meetings - NOTICE
Notice - CDBG Rehab
Solar Farm Public Hearings - 2
Special Meeting 9-12-2014
Surplus Property Auction 10-2014
Surplus Property Auction 10-2015
Surplus Property Auction 11-2014
Surplus Property Auction 11-2015
Surplus Property Auction 3-2015
Surplus Property Auction 7-2016
Surplus Property Auction 8-2014
Surplus Property Auction 8-2014
Surplus Property Auction 8-2015
Surplus Property Auction Feb 2017
Tax Property Auctions March 2015
Tax Reappraisal Notice to Adopt Proposed Schedules 2016
Zoning Ordinance - Amended (July 1, 2013)
Abandoned Mobile Home Ordinance
Addressing & Road Naming Ordinance
Addressing & Road Naming Ordinance - Table of Contents
Ambulance Service & Granting Franchises to Ambulance Operators (Ordinance Regulating)
Amusement & Entertainment Ordinance
Animal Control Ordinance w-memo
Appearance Commission (Ordinance Creating)
Brunch Bill Ordinance 8-2017
Commissioners Rules of Procedure
Criminal History Check 6-1-2015
Deletion Of Water Mains During Construction
Dog License Tax
Emergency Management
False Alarm Ordinance - Amended 4-2009
Municipal Solid Waste Ord 12-2016
Noise Ordinance - Permit for Variance
Noise Ordinance - Variance Letter to Property Owners
Noise Ordinance 1-3-2011
Open Burning, Ordinance Regulating
Regulating Pyrotechnics in Warren County
Skate Board Ordinance
State of Emergency Ordinance
Voluntary Agricultural District Ord(Amended 4-2009)
Voluntary Agricultural District Ordinance
Planning Department
Application for Temp Main Power
Historic Preservation GUIDELINES
Map Book 1
Map Book 2
Map Book 2016 - Street Indexes
Map Book 3
Map Book 4
Ordinance Creating Planning Board - Amendment
Planning Brochure
Solar Farm Ordinance - May 2016
Subdivision Regulations (3-12-2012)
Zoning Fee Schedule (7-2016)
Zoning Ordinance (Amended 5-2-2016)
Public Utilities
2018 Rate Schedule
Application for Water Service (6-2016)
Application for Water Tap (7-16)
Bank Draft (10-17) PDF
Bank Draft (10-17) Word
Bank Draft Cancellation Form (6-16)
Cancellation of Tap Application (6-16)
Customer Information
District III Phase III Application Form
Document of Oral Lease/Rental Agmt (6-16)
How to Check for Water Leaks
Instructions on Connecting to Water Meter
Interbasin Transfer Public Hearing
Potential Refunding Opportunity - Public Utilities
Press Release
Quality on Tap Brochure
Rate Schedule 2018
Required Connection to Water System
Rules & Regulations 2016
Security Deposit Transfer
Tap Application Enclosure Letter
Water and Sewer Tap Fees
Water Quality Report 2015 - Warren County
Water Quality Report 2015 Warren-Northampton
Water Quality Report 2016 - Warren County
Water Quality Report 2016 - Warren County
Water Quality Report 2016 - Warren Northampton
Water Shortage Plan
Public Works
2017-18 Solid Waste Disposal Fee
Public Works Brochure 2013
Solid Waste Management Plan 7-2012 through 6-2022 (part 1)
Solid Waste Management Plan 7-2012 through 6-2022 (part 2)
Solid Waste Ordinance 12-2016
Vehicle Use Request
Warren County Recycling
Parks & Recreation Commission BYLAWS
Parks & Recreation Master Plan (12-7-09)
Participant Registration
Playground Safety Policy
Recreation Facility Rules & Regs
Recreation Facility Use Request Form
Rental Fee Schedule 12-2015
Register of Deeds
Voluntary Agricultural District Program Application
Road Improvement
Agreement to Be Assessed Total Cost to Improve Private Subdivision Roads
Clean & Green Day - September 16, 2017
Petition for Subdivision Roads
Road Improvement Policies & Procedures
Senior Center
6-15-17 Senior Center Meeting
Earthquake Exercise
Sheriff's Office
Sheriff's Record Retention Schedule
Social Services
During or After a Storm or Flood
Facts About Child Abuse
Family and Children Medicaid
Frequently Asked Questions and Links
Help for Elderly Who Need an Adult Care Home
Information for Medicaid Consumers
Medicaid For Elderly Or Disabled
Medicare Frequently Asked Questions
Multiple Response Brochure
Recognizing Child Abuse and Neglect
Recommended Immunization Schedule
Safe Surrender Brochure
Selected Program Information
Steps to Adopting a Child
Soil and Water Conservation District
Soil and Water Conservation Brochure
Soil and Water Conservation District Brochure Page 1
Soil and Water Conservation District Brochure Page 2
Tax Administration
2017 Tax Assessors' Manual
Application for E911 Address
Board of Equalization & Review Appeal
E911 Addressing & Emergency Response
Map Request Form
Motor Vehicle Taxation Brochure page 1
Motor Vehicle Taxation Brochure page 2
Notice of Warren County Solid Waste Fees
Schedule of Fees Office of the Assessor
Solid Waste Fee Exemption Form
Solid Waste Fee Exemption Form - Electrical Service Provider Verification
Tax Assessor Schedule of Fees
Warren County Tax Manual
Warren County Tax Manual - Table of Contents
What is E911
Warren County Schools
Directions to Central School Offices
Zoning and Codes
Application for Variance
Building Permit Application
Comprehensive Land Development Plan
Development Permit (un-zoned area of the County)
Elevation Certificate
Obtain a Building Permit Inspection Schedule
Planning & Zoning Frequently Asked Questions
Rezoning Petition
Solar Farm Ordinance 5-2-2016
Subdivision Ordinance (3-12-2012)
Warren County Land Use Plan
Warren County Land Use Plan Map page 3
Warren County Land Use Plan Map page 4
Warren County Land Use Plan Map page 43
Warren County Land Use Plan Map page 49
Warren County Land Use Plan Map page 50
Warren County Land Use Plan Map page 56
Warren County Land Use Plan Map page 66
Zoning Fee Schedule (7-2016)
Zoning Map Feb 2016
Zoning Map - Kerr Lake Feb 2016
Zoning Map - Lake Gaston Feb 2016
Zoning Ordinance (Amended 5-2-2016)
Zoning Permit
ZZ - Attachments for board meeting
10-18-17 Bike Trail Letter of Support
10-18-17 Bike Trail Overview
10-18-17 Broadband Initiative
10-18-17 Buck Springs Rental Agreement
10-18-17 Draft Attorney Contract
10-18-17 EDC Report
10-18-17 HOPE Med Ctr GoldenLeaf App
10-18-17 I-85 Wise Interchange GoldenLeaf App
10-18-17 MOU Halifax County E911
10-18-17 Ordinance Bridge # 44
10-18-17 Ordinance Bridge # 77
10-18-17 Ordinance Organization
10-18-17 Position Upgrade
10-18-17 Request from Town of Macon
10-18-17 REVISED Board&Committee Appoint Policy
10-18-17 Senior Center Report
10-18-17 WARR Radio Presentation
10-18-17 WC Schools GoldenLeaf App
10-2-17 Africian-American Civic Rights Grant App
10-2-17 Amend #1 to FY 2018 County Budget Ordinance
10-2-17 Amend 9 - EMS Headquarters Ordinance
10-2-17 Bid on Tax Foreclosed Property C8-29
10-2-17 Bid to Administer CDBG Project
10-2-17 Breast Cancer Awareness Proclamation
10-2-17 Bridge No 44 Water Main Relocation
10-2-17 Bridge No 77 Water Main Relocation
10-2-17 Elections Job Description
10-2-17 Elections Memo
10-2-17 Employee Bond Deputy Finance Officer
10-2-17 EMS Project budget
10-2-17 Habitat Fees Waiver
10-2-17 Habitat Request
10-2-17 Interest Income Report
10-2-17 Releases over $100
10-2-17 Releases under $100
10-2-17 Senior Center Appointment
10-2-17 Tax Collectors Report
4-19-17 Armory Policy - REVISED
4-19-17 Coop Ext Rpt to People
4-19-17 Cooperative Ext Report
4-19-17 Elections Report
4-19-17 Senior Center Rental
4-3-17 Armory Request - National Day of Prayer
4-3-17 Board of Elections Legal Contact FY 18
4-3-17 Board of Health Appointee - C Coffman
4-3-17 Chairs Surplus
4-3-17 Churchill FiveForks VFD Tax Board
4-3-17 Easement - Town of Warrenton
4-3-17 Ella Baker Day Exemption Req
4-3-17 Health Dept Job Reclassification
4-3-17 Interest Income Report
4-3-17 Littter Sweep 2017
4-3-17 Macon VFD Tax Board
4-3-17 Nursing Home Advisory EBrown
4-3-17 Resolution WCAAC
4-3-17 Soil & Water Conservation Proclamation
4-3-17 Surplus Property Resolution
4-3-17 Tax Collectors Report
4-3-17 Tax Releases Over & Under $100
4-3-17 Vehicles Surplus
5-1-17 Aging Advisory Bylaws
5-1-17 Amend 9 to County Budget Ord
5-1-17 Armory Revised Rental Agmt
5-1-17 Board of E&R
5-1-17 Historic Preservation Appointment
5-1-17 HOPE HealthCare Lease
5-1-17 Interest Income Report
5-1-17 Jury Commission
5-1-17 NAACP Armory Req for Sept 23-17
5-1-17 National Day of Prayer
5-1-17 Resolution Surplus DSS computers
5-1-17 Rural Water Assoc. Voting Delegate
5-1-17 Simulcast System Upgrade Amend 9
5-1-17 Surplus Property DSS
5-1-17 Take Pride in Lake Gaston
5-1-17 Tax Collector's Report
5-1-17 Tax Property D4 81
5-1-17 Tax Release Requests
6-19-17 Resolution Authorize Filing of Application to LGC
6-19-17 Capital Project Ord - Rd Improvements Bella Russell
6-19-17 FY 16-17 Amendment 11
6-19-17 Hurricane Exercise Report
6-19-17 Letter of Support - Warrenton
6-19-17 Opioid Forum Planning
6-19-17 Quilters Lane MOU
6-19-17 Register of Deed 2015-16 Report
6-19-17 Register of Deed 2016-17 Report
6-19-17 Sample letter - Warrenton
6-19-17 Senior Center Rental 1
6-19-17 Senior Center Rental 2
6-19-17 Senior Center Rental 3
6-19-17 Student Intern
6-19-17 Travel Policy - Revised
6-19-17 Voting Delegate NACo
6-5-17 ABC Commission Appointment
6-5-17 Amendment # 10 - CDBG Ephraim Place
6-5-17 Amendment # 10 FY 16-17 Ordinance
6-5-17 Amendment 2 - Water District III
6-5-17 Audit Contract
6-5-17 Audit Engagement Letter
6-5-17 Budget Amend 8 EMS Headquarters
6-5-17 Budget Public Hearing Agenda
6-5-17 Certificate of Achievement - Finance Office
6-5-17 Code Fee waiver
6-5-17 DSS Regionalization Proposal
6-5-17 EM Building Design & Bid
6-5-17 Emergency Operations Plan (DRAFT)
6-5-17 EOP (Pg 1-44 DRAFT)
6-5-17 EOP (Pg 45-94 DRAFT)
6-5-17 EOP (Pg 95-135 DRAFT)
6-5-17 Fire Commission Appointment
6-5-17 Habitat Code Fee Waiver
6-5-17 Home Health Advisory Bylaws
6-5-17 Interest Income Report
6-5-17 Interlocal Agreement for Insurance w-NCACC
6-5-17 JCPC Funding Plan FY 2018
6-5-17 JCPC Member Appointments
6-5-17 JR ROTC - Armory
6-5-17 LEPC Membership
6-5-17 Longbridge VFD Fireworks Permit waiver
6-5-17 Merchant Credit /Debit Card Agreement
6-5-17 Tax Collectors Report
6-5-17 Tax Release Requests
7-10-17 Easement to Duke Energy Progress
7-10-17 Eastern Bluebird Resolution
7-10-17 EDC Commission Appointments
7-10-17 EM Facility Financing Public Hearing
7-10-17 EM Facility Financing Resolution
7-10-17 HCCBG Funding Plan
7-10-17 Interest Income Report
7-10-17 Karts Attachments
7-10-17 NCACC Voting Delegate
7-10-17 Omega Psi Phi Armory Use
7-10-17 Parks & Recreation Appointment
7-10-17 Public Hearing Agenda
7-10-17 Surplus Applicances EMS
7-10-17 Surplus Property Resolution
7-10-17 Surplus Tax Property B10-41
7-10-17 Tax Collectors Report
7-10-17 Tax Releases Over $100
7-10-17 Tax Releases Under $100
7-10-17 Transportation Plan
7-10-17 Voting Delegate NCACC
7-10-17 YR 2018 Holidays
8-16-17 7th Heaven "In God We Trust"
8-16-17 Animal Control Report to Board
8-16-17 Boards-Commissions
8-16-17 Hurricane Exercise Report
8-16-17 In God We Trust - Buildings
8-16-17 In God We Trust Info
8-16-17 Quilters Lane
8-16-17 Working Landscapes
8-16-17 Youth Services Bureau Report to Board
8-16-2017 Working Landscape Pictures
8-7-17 EM Facility Bid Consideration
8-7-17 EM Facility Bid Tally Sheet
8-7-17 Surplus Finance & Health Dept
8-7-2017 Tax Year Annual Settlement 2016
8-7-2017 Agreement Co Based Aging Services
8-7-2017 Brunch Bill
8-7-2017 Brunch Bill Article - SOG
8-7-2017 Employee Performance Bond - Tax Collector
8-7-2017 EMS Surplus Property1
8-7-2017 EMS Surplus Property2
8-7-2017 EMS Surplus Property3
8-7-2017 HCCBG Older Adults Agreement for Services
8-7-2017 Interest Income Report
8-7-2017 Job Classification Schedule
8-7-2017 MOA Coop Extension Personnel
8-7-2017 NC Dept Public Safety Lease Agreement
8-7-2017 Request for Tax Releases
8-7-2017 Surplus Property Resolution
8-7-2017 Tax Collector’s Report
9-11-17 AIA Resolution
9-11-17 Co Managers Report
9-11-17 Easement to Dollar General Store
9-11-17 Forestry FY18 Contract
9-11-17 Halifax Helps Grant App
9-11-17 Interest Income Report July
9-11-17 Inventory of Surplus Property
9-11-17 Lakeland Surplus Property
9-11-17 Medical Director Contract
9-11-17 Meeting Date Change NOTICE
9-11-17 Pleasant Hill Resolution
9-11-17 Surplus Property Resolution
9-11-17 Tax Collectors Report July
9-11-17 Tax Release Requests
9-11-2017 Appointment to DHHS Committee
9-25-17 Resolution - Regional Water Grant-Loan Authorization
9-25-17 Resolution - Regional Water Water Treatment Plant