North Carolina Department Of Revenue
Vehicle Tax

Warren County Tax Collection Office
Tax Collection Office
117 S. Main St.
Warrenton, NC 27589
Phone: (252) 257 3337
Fax: (252) 257 6523
Hours: 8:30AM to 5:00PM Monday - Friday

Q. When are Property Taxes Due?
A. Property taxes on real and personal property other than classified motor vehicles are due September 1 each year, but can be paid without penalty until January 5th.

Q. When are vehicle taxes issued and due?
A. Motor vehicle bills are issued the 1st of the fourth month following the month of vehicle registration or renewal. They may be paid without penalty through the end of the fourth month. Interest begins the first day of the next month.

Q. What is meant by a "block" on my vehicle?
A. If a vehicle bill is delinquent four months, this information is communicated to NC-DMV and a "block" will be placed on the vehicle. DMV will not mail a renewal notice for tags for a blocked vehicle. To renew the tag, a receipt from the Tax Office must be presented to DMV showing that the taxes on the vehicle have been paid in full.

Q. When can the Tax Collector garnish wages or attach bank accounts?
A. NC law provides that the Tax Collector may require an employer to withhold ten percent of gross wages and remit to the Tax Office for any tax bill once interest has been added. Bank accounts may be attached up to the full amount of delinquent taxes due.

Q. May I make partial payments on my tax bills, or do I have to pay the bill in full at one time?
A. You may make partial payments, but once interest is added, the Collector may attach salary or bank accounts on the unpaid balance.