Youth Services


The mission of the Youth Services Bureau is "to keep kids safe, families together and reduce the incidence of juvenile crime in the local community. Youth Services Bureau (YSB) serves at risk and potentially at risk youth between the ages of seven and seventeen. The Youth Services Bureau is located in the John Graham Building, Room 217. "Working Together To Reach Our Youth" is our goal!

Programs & Activities

We offer programs and activities that promote the development of personal and social skills: making informed decisions, self-esteem building, goal setting, stress management, communicating effectively, resolving conflict, anger management, etc. Parenting classes are offered which, covers Discipline at Home/School, Health and Nutrition, Homework Problems/Solutions, School Success and the Single Parent Family. In addition, a Gang Awareness seminar is held twice a year to educated youth and families of the dangers of gang involvement.

List of Services

Community Service Restitution Program

Work with juvenile offenders who have been given community service, as opposed to going through the court system. This work is done in non-profit organizations or local businesses. Youth are referred by the local court counselors.

Teen Court

Teen Court is an alternative system of justice. It is a court where first time offenders are sentenced by their peers and are thereby held accountable for their actions. Teen Court utilizes trained student volunteers, under adult supervision to serve in various capacities including being responsible for sentencing their peers. Offenders must admit guilt and voluntarily enter the Teen Court Program to participate.

Warren County Girls & Boys Afterschool Program

This after school program has a Life Skills curricula based on various models. The Life Skills activities provides the youth with opportunities to develop positive social and communication skills and assist the youth in developing decision-making skills. Youth are exposed to a variety of cultural, educational and recreational activities. Youth referred by Warren County Schools, Juvenile court counselors, Department of Social Services and parents.

Warren County One-on-One

An adult volunteer is matched with a Warren County Youth between the ages of six to seventeen to serve as a mentor. The mentor spends two (2) hours a week for a year with his or her young friend, offering new perspectives through one-on-one activities such as ballgames, swimming, movies, picnics and tutoring sessions.

More Information

For more information on these services, please email Director Crystal Smith.